Join us

at D’lite,

where good food meets great moments

Created by Colombian

fashion designer

D’Lite Bistro & Bakery was created by Colombian fashion designer, Alessandra Zurek, and her daughter Martina. It was designed to serve as a place for friends, family, and locals to feel at home.

Our main ingredient is LOVE. Food is made fresh, right on the spot with every order. We are not a fast food restaurant.

We promoted health and

consciousness for:

Athletes, 24/7 moms, dog moms, families, foodies, and teens, trying to make an impact in our community. We do monthly health and beauty events for our neighborhood and visitors. The menu combines the freshest farm-based ingredients with original recipes from different roots around the world, including the finest sweets and breads with no regrets.
Everything is made from scratch, creating tasteful, healthy versions of: